Adempiere Implementation with POS
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Adempiere Implementation with POS


Adempiere For Retail / POS (Point Of Sales) 

In the modern retail business, ERP applications are needed to support its operations. Where in the modern retail business is usually a company has many retail outlets with a large warehouse as a storage center and control the movement of goods between warehouses with outlet, outlet to outlet and warehouse outlets. That requires an application that can integrate all the good deals at the outlet side, warehouse / inventory, procurement, planning, etc.
With such of requirement, ERP Applications is needed to integrate entire multi-outlet operations so that it can perform centralized control of head office / central office. Thus the operating conditions of each outlet, such as inventory status, progress sales / sales, cash status, etc. can be monitored and controlled so as to facilitate operations and business strategy, for example by transferring goods that are being sold in a particular outlet, or provide happy hours (discounts at certain hours) on a particular outlet at certain hours to drive sales, and so on.

Since Posterita no longer maintain in Adempiere in 2010, Adempiere not have enough qualified POS applications, the presence of which is expected to replace JavaPOS posterita, although quite tolerable and feasible for use, but still seems to be far from the expectations of the users of POS.

Some developers trying to integrate Adempiere with other applications such as Openbravo POS POS, as is done by Red1 in the following link, and SmartPOS who also is an instance of Openbravo POS which can be downloaded at the following link. Here are some reviews of the types of POS applications that can be used with Adempiere ERP:

1. Posterita
Posterita is a web-based POS applications where the use Posterita, Retail outlets simply take advantage of the web browser on the computer to be able to trade with an online connection to a central database and has good connectivity premises POS peripherals such as barcode scanner, cash drawer, etc.. Having abandoned Posterita as a developer, the development of practical applications in Adempiere POS Posterita be stalled because developers are not able to continue this project. Posterita itself from version 2.0 be paid by SAAS method, and is no longer open source, it is confirmed by Frederick Tsang (Posterita developer) to the author via email at the beginning of 2010.

2. Openbravo POS
Openbravo ERP has been known as a POS applications that are reliable, easy to use, and with an attractive design, besides openbravo also has features such as discount features, touch screen display as well as connection with a pole display, cash drawer, barcode scanner and others with performance are very good. Openbravo POS was originally designed to be integrated with Openbravo ERP. But for the current Adempiere users can integrate Adempiere with Openbravo POS, through a project initiated by RedHuan at the following link, and the application can be downloaded at the following link.

3. SmartPOS JSP
SmartPos is an instance of Openbravo POS is designed specifically to be integrated with Adempiere, which is an improved version of Openbravo POS in terms of integration with ERP Adempiere. For more information about this project can be viewed at the following link.

Implementasi ADempiere untuk bisnis Retail di Indonesia 

Oone of the companies that have already implemented Adempiere as Business Solutions Retail / POS is PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol meruapakan organizers largest amusement park in Indonesia. The use Adempiere for Retail POS solution specifically for the sale of merchandise goods in the Ancol tourist park.
Adempiere POS solution to this has been used in live since June 2011, meaning that up to this writing has been approximately one year using Adempiere as a solution for its retail business. One of the first reasons to use Adempiere is due to open source, where it is more affordable budget, the latter capable of integrating the entire process of sales outlets are spread across the number of tourist sites is quite a lot. Implementation process consulting is done alphamedia lasted from early 2011 until June th, 2011.

POS application used in Ancol is Posnet POS is an application which in develop in-house by Alphamedia for POS needs in Indonesia. Posnet can integrate with the POS peripherals such as POS printers, Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer, Barcode Printer, Pole Display, etc.
Video Adempiere User di Ancol.
Some time ago, while searching on the internet, I accidentally found a video that a user uploaded from Thailand which records usage and application Adempiere POS PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, Jakarta – Indonesia.

The video lasted 1 minute 28 seconds is uploaded on youtube by user MrThammathat of Thailand during his visit in Indonesia in August 2011. Implementation of POS with Adempiere ERP seems attract his attention.

Info / Spesifikasi implementasi :
- Perusahaan = PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol
- Versi ADempiere = 360LTS
- Database = PostgreSQL Versi 8.4
- Jumlah user = +/- 120 user
- Jumlah Outlet = +/- 40 outlet
- Server = IBM Blade M series / OS Linux Centos
- Periode implementasi = Januari 2011 – Juni 2011
- Consultant = Alphamedia (

Hopefully this article can give idea for Adempiere Users and encourage retail businesses in (especially in Indonesia) to further expand its business with a reliable and cheap solution.
Warm Regards !
Agung Budi Santosa
Jakarta – Indonesia