SI.08. Adempiere for Mining Industry
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SI.08. Adempiere for Mining Industry


ADempiere ERP for Mining Company


Adempiere ERP for Mining Company
In the current version does not yet support Adempiere Process Manufacturing Likewise the mining companies, but this does not mean that Adempiere is not able to be implemented in the mining company, is evidenced by the successful implementation of Adempiere in one of the mining companies in Indonesia. In the manufacturing world known two kinds of production processes for accommodated by the ERP application, the first is the Discrete Manufacturing, and the second is the Manufacturing Process.

What is the difference Disctete manufacturing and Process Manufacturing?

Discrete Manufacturing is a production process that are conical, as an example we will review the BOM structure and the process of making a set of furniture for the garden. To make a wooden chair would have required a single board, 4 sticks, 2 pieces of wood and some nails finger.


And to create a set of garden furniture, it will take 4 pieces of wooden chairs plus a table and garden umbrellas. Components that make up part of the product is set within a BOM (Bill Of Materials). Where the core of this process is of some components will produce 1 piece of product / Finish goods.


As for Process manufacturing is in contrast to the discrete manufacturing, for example, we will review the process of oil production mining company. From the material of the basic ingredients, namely crude oil / crude oil can be processed into asphalt, kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, and so forth Aftur. Where the core of this process is the basis of the material / raw material can produce many products / Finisih goods.


Adempiere ERP including those that support the first type is Discrete Manufacturing .
It is shown from the production and management processes , supported BOM structure . In addition, if we enter into the menu Manufacturing Management, Production Management under Discrete Manufacturing only be encountered and to release at this time we have not encountered Manfucaturing Process . The question is :Is Adempiere ERP can be used for Process Manufacturing / Mining Company ?Adempiere Users can feel relieved , because although not yet fully support the Process Manufacturing ERP Adempiere but that does not mean can not be used in the mining company . Because in addition to the production process , all other functions are actually the same . Furthermore, the transaction process Adempiere they actually ” open ” and make Adempiere can be a little flexible ” in play play ” so that eventually it can accommodate the production process from mining companies.This has been proven by the successful implementation in one of the mining companies are ” BM ” mining are located in South Sulawesi . BM Mining which is a granite mining company , group one of the leading business group in Indonesia has been successful go-live with Adempiere ERP .
BM production process begins with the mining of granite mining exploration to be processed into a variety of stones and sand for a variety of purposes ranging from building materials to kontsturksi raw material for making cement . The production process can be described as shown below :
Blasting -> granite stone (raw) -> Crashing -> FG1, FG2, FG3, FG4, dllDengan the production process can be accommodated into Adempiere system, it can be said almost all of the requirements management process and accounting BM mining mining companies can be accommodated by Adempiere . So I am very confident for mining companies other fields such as coal mines, oil mines, copper mines, gold etc. can also be accommodated by Adempiere.So, we wait for the next mining company wants to try Adempiere greatness …..

Photo: My (3rd from right) together with 2 photos BM Mining & accounting staff member after another training session.

Hopefully this article can be useful for users Adempiere INDONESIA.

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