SI.07. Features on ADemSAWIT
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SI.07. Features on ADemSAWIT


ADemSAWIT Features – Part 1


Features Features ADemSawit actually are features that exist on Adempiere as well, just configured and adapted to the needs of the oil palm plantations . There are some features that are quite Critical to the needs of oil palm plantation industry , such as for the purchase of goods , garden maintenance , Running Account , premium calculation harvest and others . Here I will share about the process of buying goods on the estate , although the process of purchasing goods in each plantation company may differ due to differences in policy and others , but I will try to explain below can at least represent the needs of the needs that exist in oil palm plantations .PurchasingThe process of buying goods on the estate , there are generally two types of procedure of purchase of goods .
a. The first , the purchase of goods purchased locally ( the gardens are in place ) , for example, daily use goods , household items , office stationery , etc which are generally the price is not too expensive . And normally purchase locally is limited to a certain amount , in a sense for the value above should be in order through the central office . For this purpose we can limit the value of the purchase , for example, for local purchases is a maximum of 5 ( five ) million dollars which will be approved ( electronically via the system ) by the Manager of Gardens , the rest must go through the central office .
b . The second is the purchase of goods to be met by the head office / branch office which is usually a garden can serve multiple locations . In the conventional method or the manual method , from the Estate will publish SPP ( Letter Request for Purchase ) that once approved by the head of gardens , will be in the fax to the central office / branch Purchasing section , to do next in the process of purchasing goods .
In Adempiere , this need can be accommodated by using a requisition , which could directly enter the garden through a purchase requisition request , subsequent requests for this purchase will be waiting for approval from the central office , if it is approved it will be converted into PO , followed by receipt of material , invoicing and payment.Untuk facilitate the approval process , the notification process so that we can also create an authorized person ( who gave approval) when logging into the system to know that there are documents waiting approval from him .
In some plantation companies exist that implement the RFQ (Request For Quotation) to purchase certain goods, it can also be accommodated in Adempiere, because the availability of these features. For the item must be made in advance RFQ, inputting responses from each vendor, as well as the final publish selected PO to Vendor.In addition to the above, the rest is the usual general faced in the purchase process, such as a pricelist for the vendor, receipt of partial material, etc. in which this can be done in Adempiere.So overall for goods purchase / purchasing for plantation companies, almost entirely be accommodated by Adempiere.
Here are some snapshots of the process of purchasing goods from the goods until the purchase order request.Here are some snapshots Request Purchase:

Purchase request could not be processed further before getting Approval.


Purchase requests that have been approved can be purcahse the Order