SI.06. ADemSAWIT Adempiere for Oil Palm Plantations
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SI.06. ADemSAWIT Adempiere for Oil Palm Plantations


ADemSAWIT Adempiere for Oil Palm Plantations

ADemSAWIT not forking Or derivative of Adempiere , ADemSawit also not a new ERP software . Adempiere AdemSawit is already in the configuration and modified so that it can meet the needs of the ERP in the oil palm plantation industry . The term itself appears ADemSAWIT inadvertently for the plantation which was very difficult to remember the word ” Adempiere ” , and once in plesetkan be AdemSawit turns them instantly remember . With ADemSAWIT , plantation companies may feel as though using ERP application which is specifically designed for oil palm plantations . What are the requirements for ERP in oil palm plantations ? and what are the things that can be met by Adempiere ? Here I will try to convey ” some ” general requirements necessary in coconut gardens in general sawit.Pada Basically , business processes in the oil palm plantation industry is the same as in other fields of business , especially for backoffice processes such as purchasing , sales , inventory , accounting , etc. . The difference is the need to support the operational needs of the garden where it is not available directly in Adempiere . For that special configuration is required as well as some modifications to the requirements are met .

Purchasing In Industrial estate, usually one office will handle multiple Estate (the name for an area of ​​plantations), where the need for the goods will be met by the head office / branch. In the conventional method or the manual method, from the Estate will publish SPP (Letter Request for Purchase) that once approved by the head of gardens, will be in the fax to the central office / branch Purchasing section, to do next in the process of purchasing goods. This process can be accommodated in Adempiere as the following diagram:

In Adempiere, garden party can directly enter the purchase requisition through the requisition, the purchase of which the next request will wait for approval from the central office, if it is approved it will be converted into PO, followed by receipt of material, invoicing and sales payment.Sales palm oil industry in general not too difficult, because the product sold is generally only 1 product CPO. That is to say almost no issue in the area of sales, because the procedure is quite standard. It must be noted that there is little to prepay the sales order (payment in advance). Seeding basically like-production process in the factory, here it’s just a longer production time is 1 (one) year with the cost components are included each month.
The process begins with the purchase of seedlings sprout, to be treated until ready for planting the age of 12 months, with each month of treatment as standard seed treatment procedure that could require a material / product, as well as the cost of expenses that must be recorded each month.
TBM & TMTBM Transactions on areas of TBM is a record of activities and materials that are used for treating TBM gardens, this could be labor, materials (fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, etc.), resources (machines, vehicles), and others. Notes on writing activities in the Diary Foreman. In Adempiere, records the activities of the foreman’s Diary can be input so that the system can directly calculate, how much costs already incurred to treat an area of ​​the garden.

Transactions on area TM TM, basically similar to the TBM, it’s just that here there is an additional form of transaction harvest calculations. Calculation of the harvest in each company has different formulas that refer to different regulations and company policy.

Accounting exciting of use Adempiere in plantation industries is we can get accounting reports, without having to re-enter transactions into Accounting software as much done by the companies today. And indeed this is the excess of the ERP application. Conclusion The use of Adempiere in oil palm plantations can increase the efficiency of business processes plantations. Although the original Adempiere is not designed specifically for industrial estates, but with a little creativity and adjustments here and there Adempiere can be implemented properly. Which in this case also requires plantations to more flexible and willing to adapt to the facilities and features in Adempiere.

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