“PURCHASING” in Adempiere
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“PURCHASING” in Adempiere



Adempiere ERP supports some purchasing functions which are included in the procurement procedures .

You can generate a Purchase Order from a Sales Order and Invoice making ( bill ) or receipt ( receipt ) without having to re-enter all the information needed .

To support this functionality, Adempiere provides ‘Create from ‘ features .

It should be noted that the Purchase Order is optional ( can be used or not be used ) , considering you can make without creating an invoice or Purchase Order Shipment . Matching ( matching ) to the Purchase Order is also optional . Matching is necessary between Shipment and Invoice Matching . If you use the ‘Create from ‘ , Matching will be done automatically. If not me ‘match ‘ it , some will not do accounting transactions such as the transfer amount invoiced value of the un – invoiced receipts to receipts .

Purchase Order is a control document in terms of Receipts and Invoices . Purchase Order is not always necessary to perform Receipts . Depending on the policy of your company , manufacture of Purchase Orders may be is a must ( mandatory ) , but in Compiere is optional . Her important aspect is possible to enter your receipt ( if you have a Purchase Order or not ) and continued business . Please note that only Products that can be done Receipt .

You can create a Vendor Invoice from Receipt that you created ( Please note that the invoice price is based on the list price of the Business Partner )

It is also possible to do the reverse way in which the invoice is inserted first ( if you take it with Shipment ) and make receipt of the invoice . When processing the Receipt Inventory will be updated as appropriate.


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