Product with Multi UOM
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Product with Multi UOM


Product with Multi UOM

In retail business we Often have a product with multiple UOM (Unit Of Measure), for example, we buy in units of cartons, but retail sell per piece, or vice versa, but we buy in units sold per carton with some quantity.

In the example below we will make an example, a product with a unit of the bottle and carton, where one carton contains 25 bottles (this is an example of a very common case particularly in the retail industry in Indonesia)

First we have to do is make the UOM in Bottles (BTL) and Carton (K25), then enter the UOM> Conversion.


Enter the name of the product to be converted, then enter muliply = 25 to state that the carton contains 25 bottles.

Next we tried to do material Receipt = 4 + 10 bottle cartons.
Select the desired qantity and UOM.

Total = 4 cartons and 10 bottles.

Then return to the Material Receipt tab and do “Complete”

Next we look at the status of the product information material.

In Adempiere, the stock will be recorded in the smallest UOM, so if we have a UOM cartons and bottles, then the stock will be recorded in the bottle.

Next we are going to sell these products

We will sell 4 cartons and bottles 5
Choose Quantity 4 and UOM = cartons

Create a new Line with the same product, select quantity 5 and UOM = Bottle

So that the total of the products we sell are 4 carton + 5 bottle = a total of 105 bottles

Do a “Complete”, the display order confirmation is as follows:


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