“PRODUCT” in Adempiere
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“PRODUCT” in Adempiere



In Adempiere ERP, Product is defined as something you sell and / or buy, or something you save and have a price.

By type, Produck divided into the following types:
• Items (goods)
• Services (services)
• Resources (resources)
• Expense Types (types of financing)

Items / goods are goods that physically you are selling. whereas
Service / service is something (non-physical) is not limited in relation to the availability of its resources. Expenses (Cost) is something that can be charged, for example, a consultant may make the fare on your bill to the customer.

Products can be described as’ a collection of assets with similar attributes.

An asset is something you buy or your own production. Likewise no products which you always have, you may or may not have a definite asset. Either use your own or by someone else, it’s just that the main characteristics of an asset is that you perform and maintain its tracking individually.
And optionally an asset can be sold. In short, the asset can be described as an individual entity of a product.

Product Setup Workflow
Product setup, workflow steps as illustrated in the following figure:

Product Attribute “Product” Attribute
- Same for the specific Product
- Set of Attributes and Values

“Instance” Attribute
- Different for the specific Product Instance (s)
- Set of Attributes and Values
- Predefined
- Lot (Batch)
- Serial No.
- Guarantee (Expiry) Date

Individual Product Attribute

Predefined Individual Attributes
- Lot / Batch, Serial No., Date Guarantee Create Instance Attributes (Serial No., …)
- Receiving
- Production
- Physical Inventory
- Shipment
Optionally specify / reference Instances
- Move Inventory
- Physical Inventory
- Production
- Order
- Invoice
- Shipment

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