Multi Currency in ADempiere
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Multi Currency in ADempiere




Adempiere ERP fully support the use of Multiple Currencies . Multi- Currency Capabilities include three aspects , namely : Multiple Currencies

• Multiple Transaction Currency ( currency other than the currency Accounting )
• Multiple currency Accounting in parallel ( eg UK company using GBP and EUR )
• Several reports of currency ( 1:1 conversion of a report )

Multi – Currency Conversion

You can define the type of multiple Conversion Rate . You may want to use the Corporate tariff rates or user-defined ( instead of using the Spot Rate ) for the purpose of planning . The default rate is the level of Spot Rate , which is in accordance with market rates .

To maintain the administration to a minimum conversion rate is to include a date ‘ Valid_From ‘ Which one is effective until a new record is inserted with a ‘ Valid From ‘ newer . The most recent date should always take precedence over a longer date .

Reciprocal tariff level is not automatically calculated , ie . USD : AUD exchange rate does not result in a conversion of CAD : USD . That is , a separate rate levels should be included .
( * USD = U.S. Dollar , USD = Indonesian Rupiah )

Multi Currency Transactions

Adempiere allows you to complete the transaction in any currency . You can maintain your invoice in EUR , your receipt in the GBP , your Bank Account in CHF and doing your accounting in USD .

The transaction currency is determined by the price list . Currency to a price List ( List Price ) is defined in the Price List window .

Multi Currency Accounting

The Multi – Currency Accounting transactions are the Advantages of Currency Exposure Its not realized ( Unrealized Gain currency ) eg between Invoice and Receipt . Another advantage is realized transactions ( Realize Gain )

Multi – Currency Process

Compiere is currently supporting Currency Converter . Currency conversions performed when a report requested in a different currency .

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