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Product with Multi UOM


Product with Multi UOM

In retail business we Often have a product with multiple UOM (Unit Of Measure), for example, we buy in units of cartons, but retail sell per piece, or vice versa, but we buy in units sold per carton with some quantity.

In the example below we will make an example, a product with a unit of the bottle and carton, where one carton contains 25 bottles (this is an example of a very common case particularly in the retail industry in Indonesia)

First we have to do is make the UOM in Bottles (BTL) and Carton (K25), then enter the UOM> Conversion.


Enter the name of the product to be converted, then enter muliply = 25 to state that the carton contains 25 bottles.

Next we tried to do material Receipt = 4 + 10 bottle cartons.
Select the desired qantity and UOM.

Total = 4 cartons and 10 bottles.

Then return to the Material Receipt tab and do “Complete”

Next we look at the status of the product information material.

In Adempiere, the stock will be recorded in the smallest UOM, so if we have a UOM cartons and bottles, then the stock will be recorded in the bottle.

Next we are going to sell these products

We will sell 4 cartons and bottles 5
Choose Quantity 4 and UOM = cartons

Create a new Line with the same product, select quantity 5 and UOM = Bottle

So that the total of the products we sell are 4 carton + 5 bottle = a total of 105 bottles

Do a “Complete”, the display order confirmation is as follows:


Agung Budi Santosa

Jakarta – Indonesia


Material Management in ADempiere




Aspects related to material management in Adempiere ERP are:
• Warehouse
• Shipments (receipts)
• Inventory Movements
• Physical Inventory
• Production
• Customer Shipment
• Replenishment (Demand)
• Available to Promise
• Valuation Costing

Materials Management
Warehouse is the physical location where the goods / materials are stored. You can make as many as you want warehouse. Furthermore Warehouse may have one or more locators (location of placement of goods). A locator has three dimensions as it is commonly known known:
• Aisle (Gang)
• Bin (tub / Container)
• Level (Level)


In a complex setup, you can create a warehouse for the receipt, a warehouse for storage and a warehouse for delivery:
Material MovementExternal-Receipt
- ShipmentInternal-Inventory Move
- Phisical Inventory (in Indonesia is often called “Taking Stock”)
- Production
- Inventory Movement (in Indonesia is often called “Mutation”) Inventory Valuation Report
- Based on Price List
- PO Price Lists
- Calculates Qty based on Valuation Date
- Export to XLS for more complex valuationHopefully this article can be useful for users Adempiere INDONESIA.
Agung Budi Santosa

Business Partner in ADempiere



Business Partner

In conventional ERP applications , generally they will have some master data such as : Vendor Master , Customer Master , and Employee Master .

In Adempiere ERP , the concept is slightly different , where Vendor , Customer , and Employee included in a business partner .

Business Partner is an entity ( entities / parties ) who do business with your company .
There are three different types of Business Partners :
- Vendor ( Supplier ) ,
- Customer ( Customer )
- And Employee ( Employee ) .

Adempiere ERP Business Partner concept is much more flexible than most applications , as a Business Partner can be a vendor , a customer , an Employee or a combination of all three.

This approach also makes it easy to control access fungionalitas ‘ self-service ‘ and allow regional analysis and optimization of delivery .

A business partner has one or more locations and one or more contacts , which can be optionally linked to a location . Contacts may have called Interest Area , which form the basis for Customer Relationship Management and allow sales people to organize email – lists ( mailing lists ) to yujuan marketing ( for example , newsletters etc. . ) .

Business Partners may also have relationships with other Business Partners . This allows a Sales Order to be sent to a business partner of the first , and the bills invoice to a business partner that both Dan Payments made by Business Partners are third .


Setup Business Partner
Setup Workflow Business Partner:

As depicted in the Workflow, Business Partner Setup steps are as follows:

1. Creating Business Partner Group
- Common Accounting
- For Reporting Purposes

2. Setup Greeting
- For Business Partners & Contact

3. Determining Payment Term
- For Sales Order and Purchase Order

4. Determining Invoice Schedule
- Summary Invoices for Shipments
- Locations
- Ship – Invoice
- Pay From – To remit

5. Determining Withholding,
- Quality, Tax (1099)

6. Determine Dunning

7. Determining Revenuee Recognition

8. Import Business Partner

9. Creating / Update Business Partner






Agung BS


SI.06. ADemSAWIT Adempiere for Oil Palm Plantations


ADemSAWIT Adempiere for Oil Palm Plantations

ADemSAWIT not forking Or derivative of Adempiere , ADemSawit also not a new ERP software . Adempiere AdemSawit is already in the configuration and modified so that it can meet the needs of the ERP in the oil palm plantation industry . The term itself appears ADemSAWIT inadvertently for the plantation which was very difficult to remember the word ” Adempiere ” , and once in plesetkan be AdemSawit turns them instantly remember . With ADemSAWIT , plantation companies may feel as though using ERP application which is specifically designed for oil palm plantations . What are the requirements for ERP in oil palm plantations ? and what are the things that can be met by Adempiere ? Here I will try to convey ” some ” general requirements necessary in coconut gardens in general sawit.Pada Basically , business processes in the oil palm plantation industry is the same as in other fields of business , especially for backoffice processes such as purchasing , sales , inventory , accounting , etc. . The difference is the need to support the operational needs of the garden where it is not available directly in Adempiere . For that special configuration is required as well as some modifications to the requirements are met .

Purchasing In Industrial estate, usually one office will handle multiple Estate (the name for an area of ​​plantations), where the need for the goods will be met by the head office / branch. In the conventional method or the manual method, from the Estate will publish SPP (Letter Request for Purchase) that once approved by the head of gardens, will be in the fax to the central office / branch Purchasing section, to do next in the process of purchasing goods. This process can be accommodated in Adempiere as the following diagram:

In Adempiere, garden party can directly enter the purchase requisition through the requisition, the purchase of which the next request will wait for approval from the central office, if it is approved it will be converted into PO, followed by receipt of material, invoicing and sales payment.Sales palm oil industry in general not too difficult, because the product sold is generally only 1 product CPO. That is to say almost no issue in the area of sales, because the procedure is quite standard. It must be noted that there is little to prepay the sales order (payment in advance). Seeding basically like-production process in the factory, here it’s just a longer production time is 1 (one) year with the cost components are included each month.
The process begins with the purchase of seedlings sprout, to be treated until ready for planting the age of 12 months, with each month of treatment as standard seed treatment procedure that could require a material / product, as well as the cost of expenses that must be recorded each month.
TBM & TMTBM Transactions on areas of TBM is a record of activities and materials that are used for treating TBM gardens, this could be labor, materials (fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, etc.), resources (machines, vehicles), and others. Notes on writing activities in the Diary Foreman. In Adempiere, records the activities of the foreman’s Diary can be input so that the system can directly calculate, how much costs already incurred to treat an area of ​​the garden.

Transactions on area TM TM, basically similar to the TBM, it’s just that here there is an additional form of transaction harvest calculations. Calculation of the harvest in each company has different formulas that refer to different regulations and company policy.

Accounting exciting of use Adempiere in plantation industries is we can get accounting reports, without having to re-enter transactions into Accounting software as much done by the companies today. And indeed this is the excess of the ERP application. Conclusion The use of Adempiere in oil palm plantations can increase the efficiency of business processes plantations. Although the original Adempiere is not designed specifically for industrial estates, but with a little creativity and adjustments here and there Adempiere can be implemented properly. Which in this case also requires plantations to more flexible and willing to adapt to the facilities and features in Adempiere.

Agung Budi Santosa,

SI.08. Adempiere for Mining Industry


ADempiere ERP for Mining Company


Adempiere ERP for Mining Company
In the current version does not yet support Adempiere Process Manufacturing Likewise the mining companies, but this does not mean that Adempiere is not able to be implemented in the mining company, is evidenced by the successful implementation of Adempiere in one of the mining companies in Indonesia. In the manufacturing world known two kinds of production processes for accommodated by the ERP application, the first is the Discrete Manufacturing, and the second is the Manufacturing Process.

What is the difference Disctete manufacturing and Process Manufacturing?

Discrete Manufacturing is a production process that are conical, as an example we will review the BOM structure and the process of making a set of furniture for the garden. To make a wooden chair would have required a single board, 4 sticks, 2 pieces of wood and some nails finger.


And to create a set of garden furniture, it will take 4 pieces of wooden chairs plus a table and garden umbrellas. Components that make up part of the product is set within a BOM (Bill Of Materials). Where the core of this process is of some components will produce 1 piece of product / Finish goods.


As for Process manufacturing is in contrast to the discrete manufacturing, for example, we will review the process of oil production mining company. From the material of the basic ingredients, namely crude oil / crude oil can be processed into asphalt, kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, and so forth Aftur. Where the core of this process is the basis of the material / raw material can produce many products / Finisih goods.


Adempiere ERP including those that support the first type is Discrete Manufacturing .
It is shown from the production and management processes , supported BOM structure . In addition, if we enter into the menu Manufacturing Management, Production Management under Discrete Manufacturing only be encountered and to release at this time we have not encountered Manfucaturing Process . The question is :Is Adempiere ERP can be used for Process Manufacturing / Mining Company ?Adempiere Users can feel relieved , because although not yet fully support the Process Manufacturing ERP Adempiere but that does not mean can not be used in the mining company . Because in addition to the production process , all other functions are actually the same . Furthermore, the transaction process Adempiere they actually ” open ” and make Adempiere can be a little flexible ” in play play ” so that eventually it can accommodate the production process from mining companies.This has been proven by the successful implementation in one of the mining companies are ” BM ” mining are located in South Sulawesi . BM Mining which is a granite mining company , group one of the leading business group in Indonesia has been successful go-live with Adempiere ERP .
BM production process begins with the mining of granite mining exploration to be processed into a variety of stones and sand for a variety of purposes ranging from building materials to kontsturksi raw material for making cement . The production process can be described as shown below :
Blasting -> granite stone (raw) -> Crashing -> FG1, FG2, FG3, FG4, dllDengan the production process can be accommodated into Adempiere system, it can be said almost all of the requirements management process and accounting BM mining mining companies can be accommodated by Adempiere . So I am very confident for mining companies other fields such as coal mines, oil mines, copper mines, gold etc. can also be accommodated by Adempiere.So, we wait for the next mining company wants to try Adempiere greatness …..

Photo: My (3rd from right) together with 2 photos BM Mining & accounting staff member after another training session.

Hopefully this article can be useful for users Adempiere INDONESIA.

Agung BS

Solutions Retail / POS with Adempiere


Solutions Retail / POS with Adempiere

Adempiere for Retail / POS (Point Of Sales)


In the modern retail business, ERP applications are needed to support its operations. Where in the modern retail business is usually a company has many retail outlets with a large warehouse as a storage center and control the movement of goods between warehouses with outlet, outlet to outlet and warehouse outlets. That requires an application that can integrate all the good deals at the outlet side, warehouse / inventory, procurement, planning and others.

With such a requirement , the presence of ERP Applications course is needed . ERP applications can integrate entire multi – outlet operations so that it can perform centralized control of head office / central office . Thus the operating conditions of each outlet , such as inventory status , progress sales / sales , cash status , etc. can be monitored and controlled so as to facilitate operations and business strategy , for example by transferring goods that are being sold in a particular outlet , or provide happy hours ( discounts at certain hours ) on a particular outlet at certain hours to drive sales , and so forth .

Since abandoned by Posterita in 2010 , Adempiere not have enough qualified POS applications , the presence of which is expected to replace JavaPOS posterita , although quite tolerable and feasible for use , but still seems to be far from the expectations of the users of POS .

For that some developers trying to integrate Adempiere with other applications such as Openbravo POS POS , as is done by Red1 in the following link , and SmartPOS who also is an instance of Openbravo POS which can be downloaded at the following link .

Here are some reviews of the types of POS applications that can be used with Adempiere ERP :


1. Posterita 
Posterita is a web-based POS applications where using Posterita, Retail outlets simply take advantage of the web browser on the computer to be able to trade with an online connection to a central database and has good connectivity premises POS peripherals such as barcode scanner, cash drawer, etc.. Having abandoned Posterita as a developer, the development of practical applications in Adempiere POS Posterita be stalled because developers are not able to continue this project. Posterita itself from version 2.0 be paid by SAAS method, and is no longer open source, it is confirmed by Frederick Tsang (Posterita developer) to the author via email at the beginning of 2010.

2. Openbravo POS
Openbravo ERP sudah sejak lama dikenal sebagai aplikasi POS yang handal, mudah digunakan, dan dengan desain yang menarik, selain itu openbravo juga memiliki fitur fitur seperti diskon, touch screen display serta koneksi dengan pole display, cash drawer, barcode scanner dan lain lain dengan performa yang sangat baik. Openbravo POS pada awalnya didesain untuk dapat berintegrasi dengan Openbravo ERP. Namun bagi pengguna ADempiere saat ini bisa mengintegrasikan Adempiere dengan Openbravo POS, melalui project yang dirintis oleh RedHuan di link berikut, serta aplikasinya bisa di download di link berikut ini.

3. SmartPOS JSP
SmartPos adalah turunan dari Openbravo POS yang didesain khusus untuk dapat terintegrasi dengan adempiere, dimana ini merupakan penyempurnaan dari Openbravo POS dalam hal integrasi dengan Adempiere ERP. Informasi lebih lengkap mengenai project ini dapat di lihat di link berikut ini.

Implementasi ADempiere untuk bisnis Retail di Indonesia 

Salah satu perusahaan yang sudah mengimplementasikan ADempiere sebagai Solusi bisnis Retail / POS adalah PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol yang meruapakan penyelenggara taman hiburan terbesar di indonesia. Penggunaan ADempiere untuk solusi Retail POS khususnya untuk penjualan barang barang merchandise di lingkungan taman wisata Ancol.
Solusi POS dengan ADempiere ini sudah digunakan secara live sejak Juni 2011, artinya hingga tulisan ini dibuat sudah kira kira satu tahun menggunakan  ADempiere sebagai solusi untuk bisnis Retailnya. Salah satu alasan menggunakan ADempiere yang pertama adalah karena opensource, dimana budget nya lebih terjangkau, yang kedua mampu mengintegrasikan seluruh proses penjualan di outlet outlet yang tersebar diseluruh lokasi wisata yang jumlah nya cukup banyak. Proses Implementasi dilakukan alphamedia consulting berlangsung dari awal 2011 hingga bulan Juni th 2011.

Aplikasi POS yang digunakan di Ancol adalah Posnet POS yang merupakan aplikasi yang di develop secara inhouse oleh Alphamedia untuk kebutuhan POS di Indonesia. Posnet dapat berintegrasi dengan peripheral POS seperti POS Printer, Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer, Barcode Printer, Pole Display, dll
Video Adempiere User di Ancol.
Beberapa waktu yang lalu, ketika sedang searching di internet, tanpa sengaja saya menemukan video yang di unggah seorang user dari Thailand yang merekam penggunaan ADempiere dan aplikasi POS di PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, Jakarta – Indonesia.

Video yang berdurasi 1 menit 28 detik ini di unggah di youtube oleh user  dari Thailand pada Agustus 2011. Implementasi POS dengan menggunakan Adempiere ini nampaknya menarik minat wisatawan asal Thailand tersebut.

Info / Spesifikasi implementasi :
- Perusahaan = PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol 
- Versi ADempiere = 360LTS
- Database = PostgreSQL Versi 8.4
- Jumlah user = +/- 120 user
- Jumlah Outlet = +/- 40 outlet
- Server = IBM Blade M series / OS Linux Centos
- Periode implementasi = Januari 2011 – Juni 2011
- Consultant = Alphamedia (

Semoga tulisan ini dapat memberikan masukan bagi Pengguna ADempiere Indonesia serta dapat menyemangati pebisnis retail di Indonesia untuk lebih mengembangkan usahanya dengan solusi yang handal dan murah.

Salam Hangat !
Agung Budi Santosa
Jakarta – Indonesia

Multi Currency in ADempiere




Adempiere ERP fully support the use of Multiple Currencies . Multi- Currency Capabilities include three aspects , namely : Multiple Currencies

• Multiple Transaction Currency ( currency other than the currency Accounting )
• Multiple currency Accounting in parallel ( eg UK company using GBP and EUR )
• Several reports of currency ( 1:1 conversion of a report )

Multi – Currency Conversion

You can define the type of multiple Conversion Rate . You may want to use the Corporate tariff rates or user-defined ( instead of using the Spot Rate ) for the purpose of planning . The default rate is the level of Spot Rate , which is in accordance with market rates .

To maintain the administration to a minimum conversion rate is to include a date ‘ Valid_From ‘ Which one is effective until a new record is inserted with a ‘ Valid From ‘ newer . The most recent date should always take precedence over a longer date .

Reciprocal tariff level is not automatically calculated , ie . USD : AUD exchange rate does not result in a conversion of CAD : USD . That is , a separate rate levels should be included .
( * USD = U.S. Dollar , USD = Indonesian Rupiah )

Multi Currency Transactions

Adempiere allows you to complete the transaction in any currency . You can maintain your invoice in EUR , your receipt in the GBP , your Bank Account in CHF and doing your accounting in USD .

The transaction currency is determined by the price list . Currency to a price List ( List Price ) is defined in the Price List window .

Multi Currency Accounting

The Multi – Currency Accounting transactions are the Advantages of Currency Exposure Its not realized ( Unrealized Gain currency ) eg between Invoice and Receipt . Another advantage is realized transactions ( Realize Gain )

Multi – Currency Process

Compiere is currently supporting Currency Converter . Currency conversions performed when a report requested in a different currency .

Thanks and Regards
Agung Budi Santosa
Jakarta – Indonesia


Sales Order in ADempiere


SALES ORDER in ADempiere

Just like with any Purchase Order, Sales Order in ERP Adempiere is also optional, meaning that can be used or not, because you can still make an Invoice from Shipment you sent (without having to create a Sales Order). You can create a quote, modify or copy the copy to a sales order and then will generate Customer Shipment (Customer Shipment) or invoice from him without entering all the information again.

Adempiere ERP allows you to handle different payment situations. You can switch between the following payment rules:
• On Credit (with credit) – Payment is included as an Open Item (Item Open)
• Cash (Cash) – Input your generated in Cashbook
• credir Card (Credit Card) – Process Payments
• Chek Or ACH – Payment Process Sales Order through documents for shipment and invoice control, and optionally Receipt. Real state determined by Target Document Type and Document Type used.


Types Document types SALES ORDER .

There are six types of documents that have been defined by Adempiere on Sales Order Process . You can also define your own document types or change existing ones . Document Type determines document sequence and name that can be translated if you use documents with multiple languages ​​. In addition, the types of documents also explain to you the documents which the document will be in touch .

You might want to distinguish between different types of documents , for example
Wholesale and Export , POS and others so that you can create specific types of documents for a particular situation . You can obtain the GL category of types of documents . Thus, Reporting can also be done from that perspective .

The following document types are already defined by the system . They can be renamed according to your needs .

• Proposal : Non – binding offer ( offer is not binding ) , which can be converted manually to another sales document type .
• Quotation : Binding Offer ( Offer Binding ) , which will automatically back up your inventory and can be converted to another sales document type .
• Standard Order : Order Standard , which will automatically back up your stock of goods . Shipment and Invoice can be generated manually .
• Warehouse Order : Items taken with a note Delivery ( Delivery Note ) .
The following types are automatically generates a Shipment or delivery Note . You can create invoices manually .
• On Credit Order : Items were taken with an invoice . This type automatically generate a Shipment and an Invoice . When the goods are paid you can Enter payments manually .
• POS Order : This document type is more flexible . Goods taken with an invoice and payment optional . Payment terms can also be installments . This type automatically generate a Shipment ( Delivery ) , and Invoice and Peyment based on payment terms .
Sale of the above types of document types generally can accommodate various types of sales in the company ( in Indonesian ) , so that the transaction can go as desired .
Generate Sales Order Shipment For Shipping , delivery rules can be described in the following Level Customer ( Customer tab window Business Partner ) :

• Availability / availability ( which is the default ) , means that the Shipment is only generated when there is a stock of goods available in the system .

• Complete Line or Complete Order , meaning Shipment will only be generated when a complete line of Order ( or Order Complete ) may be sent . This option does not allow partial Shipment .

• After receipt , meaning Shipment will be generated when the payment is received .

Note : Items are automatically laid out as a back – order when the Availability option is set and the stocks are not adequate . It can automatically push mengararah into various delivery .
Shipment is produced in a batch process is not automatically generated based on the rules for a particular type of document .
Generate Invoice
To / Due Invoice , Invoice the following rules can be described at Level Customer ( Customer tab window Business Partner )

• After Delivery ( which is the default ) , meaning that the invoice is generated only when the goods have been shipped .

• Customer Schedule after Delivery or Complete Order ( Customer Schedule after Delivery or Complete Order ) , means that the invoice will be generated according to the specified schedule Customer Invoice ( once a month , every week etc. . ) . This option is useful if there are a lot of shipping and you only submit one invoice per schedule .

• Immediate ( Immediate ) , meaning that the invoice will be generated immediately , even if the goods have not been received by the customer .
You generate your invoice ( where ) by the batch ( with multiple choice criteria ) or you choose manually .


Thanks and Regards


“PRODUCT” in Adempiere



In Adempiere ERP, Product is defined as something you sell and / or buy, or something you save and have a price.

By type, Produck divided into the following types:
• Items (goods)
• Services (services)
• Resources (resources)
• Expense Types (types of financing)

Items / goods are goods that physically you are selling. whereas
Service / service is something (non-physical) is not limited in relation to the availability of its resources. Expenses (Cost) is something that can be charged, for example, a consultant may make the fare on your bill to the customer.

Products can be described as’ a collection of assets with similar attributes.

An asset is something you buy or your own production. Likewise no products which you always have, you may or may not have a definite asset. Either use your own or by someone else, it’s just that the main characteristics of an asset is that you perform and maintain its tracking individually.
And optionally an asset can be sold. In short, the asset can be described as an individual entity of a product.

Product Setup Workflow
Product setup, workflow steps as illustrated in the following figure:

Product Attribute “Product” Attribute
- Same for the specific Product
- Set of Attributes and Values

“Instance” Attribute
- Different for the specific Product Instance (s)
- Set of Attributes and Values
- Predefined
- Lot (Batch)
- Serial No.
- Guarantee (Expiry) Date

Individual Product Attribute

Predefined Individual Attributes
- Lot / Batch, Serial No., Date Guarantee Create Instance Attributes (Serial No., …)
- Receiving
- Production
- Physical Inventory
- Shipment
Optionally specify / reference Instances
- Move Inventory
- Physical Inventory
- Production
- Order
- Invoice
- Shipment

Thanks and  Regards

Overview of Accounting in Adempiere


Overview of Accounting in Adempiere
Performance Analysis

In any business , ultimately will only want to know the same thing , namely ” How much money we have generated ” . This amount can vary based on the accounting rules you use. Adempiere ERP allows you to define the Accounting Schema ( accounting scheme ) in multiple ( several at once ) and ” GAAPs ” for a client .

An Accounting Schema is a combination of a national accounting standards ( eg U.S. GAAP ) , a Costing Method ( eg accrual or standard ) and currency (currency ) . Compiere allows you to define several schema Accounting bookkeeping so that you can maintain for the financial statements and data for management decision making in parallel . It also negates the troublesome work of conversion , transformation and consolidation of foreign branch and considering the easy separation of management and legal reporting ( legal reporting) .


Each Accounting Schema also defines the elements that make up the combination account for use on GL transactions . Organization and Account are required . Optionally you can also define the Business Partner , Product , Caimpaign , Project and others . In addition , Compiere allows you to define two user defined elements to accommodate the unique business profile . For example , if an account Schema defines Product and Business Partners as optional elements will be a combination Account 01-1200-2000 – Joe .



• “01″ is the Organization HQ
• “1200″ is the Accounts Payable (Accounts Payable) Element Account
• “2000″ is a Flower Products
• “Joe” is Joe Brown Inc. Business Partner.

Description displayed for this account combination would be like: HQPAYABLES_FLOWER_JOE_BROWN Inc.. You do not have to worry about what elements to be included along with each of each transaction as Adempiere will generate all accounting transactions for you automatically where Element Values ​​(element values​​) obtained / derived from transactions or from a document.


Agung Budi Santosa
Jakarta – Indonesia