ADempiere for Telecommunication Industry
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ADempiere for Telecommunication Industry


The Capabilities and Performance of Adempiere ERP has been proven in many industries in various fields of manufacturing, trading, retail, and farm plantations. But it’s not just end there, at the end of 2013  alphamedia consulting successfully implementing Adempiere ERP for one of the telecommunication company in Indonesia.

This implementation has a a lot of interesting challenge, where not only involves a lot of Customization but also because the company has a large scale of business. In this implementation.  Where almost all the challenge can be resolved well and gives us a new experience in Implementation . Of course there are still some minor things that are  still need to be addressed here and there, but in globally there is no significant problems.

The first challenge is to customized the application for  large scale Telecommunication enterprise requirements. Most of the windows and report has to be customized follow standard operating of telecommunications company. Access security based on the region and branch to maintain the security and data integration. Custom applications and custom reports certainly should be no problem considering we have repeatedly worked on a similar implementation. But the different is that the company has more than 150 branches spread across Indonesia, which is divided into several areas and regions. Thus accounting report should be able to consolidate some branches into region, some region become area and consolidate all regions / areas as a total (nationally). So with a one click we able to quickly produced a report, eg: trial balance, profit / loss, balance sheet etc. per branch, region and total / national.
Generate a report with a number of organizations of more than 150 organizations is quite resource consuming and takes a long time, so have to change many time the query method so that the report can be generated accurately and quickly.

The next problem is the number of users reaching a total of 1000 users, with concurrent users reached 400 users accessing Adempiere server at the same time from all over Indonesia. Adempiere was originally designed for the company’s SME (Small Medium Enterprise) with  100-200 users. So with that number of users would be take a deep consideration. In addition, with  concurrent users of 400 users per day, will trigger a hundreds or even thousands transactions per day . It’s should be examined by the server without the server being slow or even down.

There are several strategies that we employ to overcome these challenges, which are as follows:
1. Tuning Postgre database.
PostgreSQL database tuning is one of the main key to Adempiere server can be accessed quickly and remain responsive from all over Indonesia. Before tuning databases optimally, while reaching 100 concurrent users, to  open the windows take up five teen to thirty seconds and one report take more than ten minutes. After tuning processed many times, then finally obtained the maximum configuration and time to open the windows is 1-2 seconds and the report is 1-2 minutes although the number of users 300 to 400 users simultaneously access the same time.
2. Tunning Java
Adempiere runs on Java, so the Java configuration is also one of the key applications can run well, with the default/standard configuration after reach of 100 user accessible within a few hours of service become hangs and can not be accessed. After doing tunning several times finally obtained the optimal configuration in which the system remains smooth and stable with  300-400 users accessing the server at the same time.
3. Tunning OS
Tunning database and Java will not be optimized without tunning the Server OS. Where we use Linux Centos (Opensource OS) so it can tune up in order to work together with database tunning and java.

In addition the performance of hardware and infrastructure is also very important, the spec of hardware should be enough to handle all of the process.

Here is the following hardware spec and implementation:

Company      : ******** T*****SEL
Location       : jakarta (Server) & other cities of Indonesia (Clients)
Server Spec  : IBM xSeries 3950, Dual Xeon Processor, 256GB Ram, RAID 10
OS                  : Linux Centos 6.4, 64 bit
DB Version   : PostgreSQL 8.4
Java                : JDK 1.6
Adempiere     : 3.61
Impl. time      : July 2013 – November 2013
Consultant     : Alphamedia Consulting