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ADempiere for Plantation


ADempier for Oil Palm Plantation(Ademsawit)

The Palm oil industry in Indonesia is growing rapidly, so does the demand for ERP plantations. Adempiere whisch is already have a very complete feature and has been proven to successfully implemented in many areas of industry, but the basic features of Adempiere is not enough for all the needs of the plantation industry. It required several additional modules and features to accommodate the needs of the oil palm plantation industry better. To fulfill that requirement, we did some custom and enhance   to accomodate plantation business process requirement. We call this project as “ADemsawit”.
  1. In Procurement there are some following procedures:
    a. Purchase Requisition (with online approval)
    Record all Purchase Requisition from block/afdeling/estate and submit to head office for approval (online)
    b. Generate PO From Purchase Requisition
    Purchasing Requisition that has been approved can be generate as Purchase Order (PO), and can be grouped base on Supplier, product, etc.
    c. Request For Quotation
    Procedures to conduct the Request For Quotation from suppliers, quotation/bids can be made ​​online via the web making it more efficient. System will deliver results sorted offer prices ranging from cheap to expensive too.
    d. Purchase Order
    Purchase Order is used to record the purchases made to the Supplier, this process will produce a document that can be sent to PO suppliers in hardcopy or online via email in PDF form.
    e. Material Receipt
    Receipt Goods from one PO can be done all at once or in partial, this can facilitate some receiving scenario.
    f.  AP invoice (Vendor)

    AP Invoice Process, to record Bill from vendor as Account Payable.

  2. SALES
    Sales Process has some procedures as follow:
    a. Quotation
    Create Quotation for Customer
    b. Sales Order
    Create and Maintain Sales Order for Customer
    c. Shipment/pengiriman barang
    Shipment process, deliver goods to customer, with DO/surat jalan document.
    d. Support Multi Price list, Multi Currency, sales commision dll
    a. Support Multi Warehouse
    Supports multiple warehouse locations and support system to facilitate the storage of goods storage of goods in large quantities (eg spare parts).
    b. Support Multi UOM

    Supports all units and supporting such conversion into a dozen pcs, pack, etc.

    c. Inter Warehouse Transaction

    Material movement, between two warehouse.

    d. Physical Inventory

    Physical Inventory to maintain accuracy of physical goods quantity with system quantity.

    e. Inventory use (Conversion of goods stock to charge)
    The use of materials and conversion of inventory into account the cost.

  4. Modul Finance & Accounting 
    a. Account Payable (AP)
    Record Account Payable to supplier/vendor, schedules and payment process.
    b. Account Receivable (AR)
    Record Account Receivable from Customer, print aging report and process receipt.
    c. Bank Statement
    Manage bank from AP/AR payment and other bank transaction.
    d. General Ledger (GL)
    GL Journal to record GL Transaction for some Accounting transaction.
    e. Cash journal
    Record Cash transaction from/to cashbook.
  5. Estate Management
    a. Pre-Nursery & Nursery Management

    Manage and record the costs incurred to care for plants ranging from germination, seedling age of 1 month, 3 months and so on. Where the end result could be known how the cost that has been incurred for each seedling.
    Report: Total / partial operational costs, COGS/HPP Reports

    b. Activity Management

    Keep track of all the activities and events in the garden along with materials used and costs, the end result can be seen the total cost per hectare garden, as well as the total cost per ton harvest.
    Each garden will be created RKB / CTR (working Plans Monthly / Annual Work Plan) which will be the reference budget monthly / yearly for each block. Which, along later be compared with the actual / actual overall budget (actual). Reports: Budget per blok/division/estate , Realization per blok/division/estate  

    c. Vehicle & Machine Running Account
    Record all activities of vehicles and machines where costs are allocated to each activity in order to monitor the operational costs of vehicles and machinery / heavy equipment.
    d. Workshop Running Account
    Record all activities such as work hours, materials and services used, and the progress of work in order to monitor the operational costs of the workshop.
    a. Weight bridge
    Record incoming data from the weighing machine to be used as a data reception of fresh coconuts oil (TBS).
    ** under development

    b. Product Storage Reading

    Record the number of CPO stocks last storage based on the analysis of sound (sound) which will be Kilo conversion using table tank and temperature
    ** under development

    c. Harian Laboratorium

    Daily reports from the laboratory of analysis of real fresh fruit bunches or report processing of Mill

    d. Penerimaan TBS

    Record incoming fresh coconut oil palm (TBS)

    a. Field Budget
    Field Budget is a budget based on the Annual Work Plans of the concerned block

    b. Oil-Palm Production Budget

    Production of CPO and Kernel Based on the capacity of the engine is based on the production and reception of real fresh fruit bunches and purchase.

    c. Vehicle Budget

    Forcast allocation of vehicles and heavy equipment costs include salaries, fuel, and vehicle and heavy equipment activity is concerned.

    d. Workshop Budget

    Forcast cost allocation workshops include salaries, fuel, and workshop activities are concerned.
    Payroll application payroll derived from standard plantation. Noting salary calculation, adjustment, pph21 taxes, benefits, and allowances based on company policy. Integrated with financial accounting module.
    ** under development

    To record the actual condition of the garden such as topography, soil type, area type, and other lai including document certification .

    Caring and building operational infrastructure such as buildings, roads, bridges, ditches, etc.

    To take care of the project activities and its progress both physically and financially progress.

    Warm Regards,

    Agung Budi Santosa
    Jakarta – Indonesia