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Batch Implementation in Production.

In manufacturing company usually need to provide identity to every product produced by applying the production batch number , it’s uses when a company receives a complaint from a customer of one of the products that have been sold , then the company can easily keep track of the products derived of production of when, where and the production line was done by anyone and even can be known who the suppliers of raw materials of the product. By knowing this information , it can do the repair / improvement of the production process in the future .
For this scenario in Adempiere provide a Product Attributes feature , where attributes can be either Lot Control ( Control lot number / batch ) , Serial No. Control ( nomot serial control ) , Guarantee days ( longer warranty ) and others .
For example , by applying Lot control on the material receipt ( receipt of goods ) , we can identify any goods received from suppliers , and also wrote this information is recorded , for example when the goods are to be resold or to be used in the production process .
Furthermore, by applying the Serial No. Control we can identify every product that we sell come from any production , where the production line as well as the use of raw materials from which the supplier .
To be effective this method menggunakanan this process must also be accompanied by the tag / labeling for each product so that the product is not to be confused physically . And at the end of each product can be identified and can be at the track since the reception to the product on delivery to the customer .

In more complex cases, this process should also be combined with the Locator application, for example, for products that are “untagable” or can not be given a tag / label eg liquid products, flour, gas etc.. Where the labeling process can only be done at the time of packaging these products in the shipment.
In one of the authors in project implementation flour mill, raw material is stored in silos with a capacity of about 100 tons each, where each material that will be entered in a batch numbered for identification.
Each batch will occupy one locator at a time.
Every product that will be used in the production batch number will be included into the production, and will produce finished materials with the new batch number.

The batch number will be included on the packing of finished goods (Finish Goods), so it can easily be tracked in the event of a complaint or questions related to the product.

Hopefully this article can be useful for users Adempiere INDONESIA.

Agung Budi Santosa
Jakarta – Indonesia

Insert: my photos when Adempiere implementation in one Manufacture Company, 2011.