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Business Partner

In conventional ERP applications , generally they will have some master data such as : Vendor Master , Customer Master , and Employee Master .

In Adempiere ERP , the concept is slightly different , where Vendor , Customer , and Employee included in a business partner .

Business Partner is an entity ( entities / parties ) who do business with your company .
There are three different types of Business Partners :
- Vendor ( Supplier ) ,
- Customer ( Customer )
- And Employee ( Employee ) .

Adempiere ERP Business Partner concept is much more flexible than most applications , as a Business Partner can be a vendor , a customer , an Employee or a combination of all three.

This approach also makes it easy to control access fungionalitas ‘ self-service ‘ and allow regional analysis and optimization of delivery .

A business partner has one or more locations and one or more contacts , which can be optionally linked to a location . Contacts may have called Interest Area , which form the basis for Customer Relationship Management and allow sales people to organize email – lists ( mailing lists ) to yujuan marketing ( for example , newsletters etc. . ) .

Business Partners may also have relationships with other Business Partners . This allows a Sales Order to be sent to a business partner of the first , and the bills invoice to a business partner that both Dan Payments made by Business Partners are third .


Setup Business Partner
Setup Workflow Business Partner:

As depicted in the Workflow, Business Partner Setup steps are as follows:

1. Creating Business Partner Group
- Common Accounting
- For Reporting Purposes

2. Setup Greeting
- For Business Partners & Contact

3. Determining Payment Term
- For Sales Order and Purchase Order

4. Determining Invoice Schedule
- Summary Invoices for Shipments
- Locations
- Ship – Invoice
- Pay From – To remit

5. Determining Withholding,
- Quality, Tax (1099)

6. Determine Dunning

7. Determining Revenuee Recognition

8. Import Business Partner

9. Creating / Update Business Partner






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