Overview of Accounting in Adempiere
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Overview of Accounting in Adempiere


Overview of Accounting in Adempiere
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In any business , ultimately will only want to know the same thing , namely ” How much money we have generated ” . This amount can vary based on the accounting rules you use. Adempiere ERP allows you to define the Accounting Schema ( accounting scheme ) in multiple ( several at once ) and ” GAAPs ” for a client .

An Accounting Schema is a combination of a national accounting standards ( eg U.S. GAAP ) , a Costing Method ( eg accrual or standard ) and currency (currency ) . Compiere allows you to define several schema Accounting bookkeeping so that you can maintain for the financial statements and data for management decision making in parallel . It also negates the troublesome work of conversion , transformation and consolidation of foreign branch and considering the easy separation of management and legal reporting ( legal reporting) .


Each Accounting Schema also defines the elements that make up the combination account for use on GL transactions . Organization and Account are required . Optionally you can also define the Business Partner , Product , Caimpaign , Project and others . In addition , Compiere allows you to define two user defined elements to accommodate the unique business profile . For example , if an account Schema defines Product and Business Partners as optional elements will be a combination Account 01-1200-2000 – Joe .



• “01″ is the Organization HQ
• “1200″ is the Accounts Payable (Accounts Payable) Element Account
• “2000″ is a Flower Products
• “Joe” is Joe Brown Inc. Business Partner.

Description displayed for this account combination would be like: HQPAYABLES_FLOWER_JOE_BROWN Inc.. You do not have to worry about what elements to be included along with each of each transaction as Adempiere will generate all accounting transactions for you automatically where Element Values ​​(element values​​) obtained / derived from transactions or from a document.


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