Adempiere Server Performance too slow?
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Adempiere Server Performance too slow?


After sometimes using ADempiere ERP, some users asking why their server performance is too slow. to answer this question accurately would need a more detailed check of the condition of Adempiere server , network , and so forth . Assuming the Adempiere server is in trouble and the network in good and fair condition , then there are a few things you need to do are to improve the access speed of your storage using RAID ( if not ) , when they are using RAID , you can evaluate and if possible use a method that is more efficient and faster according to your needs . Regarding RAID I have discussed in the following link :

The second , well-known ERP applications with very greedy applications to resource , memory and storage . So you should regularly monitor the condition of Adempiere server , whether memory is sufficient , whether the storage is still insufficient and so on .To view the memory on Windows Server , you can see from the properties and the windows task manager , while for Centos Linux you can do as follows :
Check Total Memory in Linux
First check physical memory available on your computer in the following way:#dmesg |grep memory

To view the memory is still available in linux you can use the following command:#free -m

Or you can see the memory usage of each application as well as the memory was still available with the following command:
If the memory in your computer is not enough , there are several things you can do , the first is to add your physical memory , and the second is to enlarge the swap file on your computer ( if the addition of physical memory can not be done )

Enlarge Swap File in Linux

What to do when you need to add a swap file on your Linux server ? there are 4 options you can do as follows :

1 . Creating a New File swap
2 . Creating a swap file on the existing logical volume
3 . Meng Extend existing swap file on your logical volume
4 . Creating a new swap partition

If you need a space larger swap file , create a new swap file is the fastest and easiest solution . Swap files on logical volumes in and extend the swap file on a logical volume is a more difficult step . While Constructing a new swap partition is the most difficult step , but it gives a solution that is more effective and permanent .

On this occasion I akang explain how to create a new swap file as the easiest and fastest way to enlarge your swap file space .

Creating a new file Swap

We need to specify the additional swap file space that we need. Let’s assume we need 512 Megabytes of swap space . To determine the number of blocks we need to multiply the size of the file to 1024 . So in our example is 512 x 1024 = 524288 . Then we need to run the following command :

dd if = / dev / zero of = / home / swapfile bs = 1024 count = 524 888

Position location of a file in / home / swapfile just as an example , you can put somewhere else for security reasons , and others . Then you can setup a swap file with the command

mkswap / home / swapfile

Swapfile that you created above will not enable the next time you boot the system . To make it enabled at boot time , you need to add to / etc / fstab / and the following lines into the file / etc / fstab:

/ home / swapfile swap swap defaults 0 0

Similarly, think about my review to foster problem Adempiere speed of your server , if all efforts have been made and the server is still slow , it could be it is time you buy a bigger server .

Hopefully this article can be useful for users Adempiere .

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