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“PRODUCT” in Adempiere



In Adempiere ERP, Product is defined as something you sell and / or buy, or something you save and have a price.

By type, Produck divided into the following types:
• Items (goods)
• Services (services)
• Resources (resources)
• Expense Types (types of financing)

Items / goods are goods that physically you are selling. whereas
Service / service is something (non-physical) is not limited in relation to the availability of its resources. Expenses (Cost) is something that can be charged, for example, a consultant may make the fare on your bill to the customer.

Products can be described as’ a collection of assets with similar attributes.

An asset is something you buy or your own production. Likewise no products which you always have, you may or may not have a definite asset. Either use your own or by someone else, it’s just that the main characteristics of an asset is that you perform and maintain its tracking individually.
And optionally an asset can be sold. In short, the asset can be described as an individual entity of a product.

Product Setup Workflow
Product setup, workflow steps as illustrated in the following figure:

Product Attribute “Product” Attribute
- Same for the specific Product
- Set of Attributes and Values

“Instance” Attribute
- Different for the specific Product Instance (s)
- Set of Attributes and Values
- Predefined
- Lot (Batch)
- Serial No.
- Guarantee (Expiry) Date

Individual Product Attribute

Predefined Individual Attributes
- Lot / Batch, Serial No., Date Guarantee Create Instance Attributes (Serial No., …)
- Receiving
- Production
- Physical Inventory
- Shipment
Optionally specify / reference Instances
- Move Inventory
- Physical Inventory
- Production
- Order
- Invoice
- Shipment

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Setup Paper Size in Adempiere


Format Paper Size Print Setup in Adempiere

By default Adempiere will make a report in A4 format. Although the size of an A4 paper size the most by Adempiere users in Indonesia, but if you want to format another paper size eg A5, A3, F4 and others, you can configure in the Application Dictionary. To perform the configuration please follow these steps:

1. Login with the System Administrator role
2. Log window to the System Admin> General Rule> Printing> Print Paper.


3. Create a new record. Enter a name and description (if desired).

4. Checkbox Landscape paper orientation will determine: whether the Landscape or Portrait.

5. Then enter the parameter validation code which will determine the size of the paper that you created (for full list please see below)

6. Dimension unit, Size X and Size Y simply ignored.

7. Left, Right, Top, Bottom Margin specified in units of 1/72 inch. Please enter the value you want.

8. Save

9. Done!

Setting the paper size in the Print Format

Further to wear Print Paper you just created:
1. Open the Print Format window.


2. Create a new Format or Print, Print Format Choose one that you want to modify.

3. On Paper Print column, select the new size you define.

4. Done .

Good luck!!

List Validation Code :
• iso – a0
• iso – a1
• iso – a2
• iso – a3
• iso – a4
• iso – a5
• iso – a6
• iso – a7
• iso – a8
• iso – a9
• iso – a10
• iso – b0
• iso – b1
• iso – b2
• iso – b3
• iso – b4
• iso – b5
• iso – b6
• iso – b7
• iso – b8
• iso – b9
• iso – b10
• iso – designated – long
• italian – envelope
• monarch – envelope
• personal – envelope
• na – number – 9 – envelope
• na – number – 10 – envelope
• na – number – 11 – envelope
• na – number – 12 – envelope
• na – number – 14 – envelope
• na – 6×9 – envelope
• na – 7×9 – envelope
• na – 9×11 – envelope
• na – 9×12 – envelope
• na – 10×13 – envelope
• na – 10×14 – envelope
• na – 10×15 – envelope
• na – 5×7
• na – 8×10 • jis – b0
• jis – b1
• jis – b2
• jis – b3
• jis – b4
• jis – b5
• jis – b6
• jis – b7
• jis – b8
• jis – b9
• jis – b10
• iso – c0
• iso – c1
• iso – c2
• iso – c3
• iso – c4
• iso – c5
• iso – c6
• na – letter
• na – legal
• executive
• ledger
• tabloids
• invoice
• folio
• quarto
• japanese – postcard
• oufuko – postcard
• a
• b
• c
• d
• e




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Jasper Report in Adempiere


Jasper Report in Adempiere, Part 1


Adempiere already provides a fairly sophisticated reporting tools , but sometimes still not sufficient to meet the needs of users , especially for users who want to be able to easily create reports with a report that a complex calculation , which if done in Adempiere will be quite difficult for the user .

One of the advantages Adempiere is already tergintegrasinya Jasper reports in Adempiere , sehingg for users who are familiar with tools such as Jasper Reports reports , Crystal Report etc. , will be able to easily utilize Such facilities .

JasperReports has hundreds of features , but unfortunately does not provide a tool to visually design reports . Someone without a good ability with XML may not be able to use to the fullest library ( library ) JasperReports .
It required utilities ” Report Designer ” to facilitate the user in developing the design of the report . One of the ” Report Designer ” which is the most popular iReports ” . IReport works to help people like this besides of course the experts / developers .


iReport is a utility ( tool ) reporting , which was developed in the Java environment in order to help users and developers ( developers / programmers ) visually design reports . Through the interface is simple yet feature-rich , iReport provides the most important functions to create complex reports with ease , thus saving a lot of time .

iReport uses JasperReports library for creating reports . JasperReports , in this case is the core of iReport . JasperReports is an open source utility yamg reporting in the most popular Java technology , and iReport is a visual report designer for JasperReports .

IReport Features

iReport can connect to any database and obtain data from different data sources . Moreover, it can export reports to PDF , XHTML , OpenOffice , MS Word , MS Excel , XML , Text , and others .

IReport Interface

User Interface ( UI ) of iReport is very user friendly . This gives some easy steps to generate a report using the Report Wizard help .


Featured in iReport interface including:
Facilities Drag-and-drop (drag and drop) to Elments Report (element statements).
Palette window which consists of the Report Elements and Tools

Easy navigation of report objects via the Report Inspector

Properties window to set the properties of the report elements, as shown below:

Supports Undo and Redo editing window interface that can be collated and configuration.

You can design reports using the report designer smart (intelligent report designer). The following are some of the features of the designer:
Using the Report Wizard, the report can be built in a few easy steps in a very short time. After that, there are other editors that can be used to modify / add features further reports. It helps to quickly manufacture new reports, subreports, defines the group data, and create a group header and footer.

The built-in editor for hyperlinks, padding and border, number, and date pattern.
Using the mouse or keyboard to position, align, and resize objects.

The format of comprehensive tools.


Contextual menu to perform common operations quickly. Header, footer, summary, background, and so on, which can be adjusted ukurunannya well as with some of the details. Copying and pasting elements.

Complete including Pie Charts, Pie 3D, Bar, Bar 3D, YX Bar, Stacked Bar, Stacked Bar 3D, Line, XY Line, Area, YX Area, Scatter, Bubble, Time Series, High Low, Candlestick, Gantt, Meter, Thermometer , and Multi-Axis chart.



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Custom Report in Adempiere



The one that makes the process easier reporting in Adempiere is the facility to Customize reports in accordance with what we want. Adempiere allows you to customize your report and customize it to your needs. With this facility you can make the appropriate report forms that are typically seen by the user, such as the Indonesian-style report format.
In the report, you can change the following elements:
• Display Order
• Sort Order
• Format Item

- Field, Image, Text, Print Format
- Alignment% Width / Height
- Calculate Sum – Average – Count
- Group by (requires Order by sorting)






Print format

Open the Print Format window to customize your report by clicking on the General Rules, or alternatively click on the Print button on the toolbar Customize Report on the Report.
Note : When you open the Print format using the menu option you have to close and reopen your report to see the changes that have been made ​​. If you open the Print Format Report reports using the Customize button you will be shown again with the changes that you have made when you close the Print Format .You see the Report Name , That in accordance with the table where the field is located .Reports indicate the field of view is the view that is used to produce this report .

Remove checkbox option on the Form to print a columnar List Report ( Register columnar report ) . Tick ​​was to print a form . Customizing The format will be discussed in the next section , Customizing Format . A format having individual elements with spatial information ( eg, invoices , checks ) . A columnar list report having individual columns ( example : a list or inventory invoice lines) .

Print Table Format determines the Fonts , Colors of the table are in print .

Check the Standard Header / Footer checkbox to show the standard of the Header and Footer are used . If you do not want to use the standard header , must be explicitly defined .

Print Paper Size illustrate , Orientation and Margins ( edge lines ) about the document .

Print Fonts Fonts are used to print . Print Color is the color to use for printing .

Button Copy / Create allows you to copy a print format or create a new Print Format of a Table .

Display Order
Change to the tab order to change the display order of the elements in the report and tailored to your needs:
To add an element into the report, click on the various options available list and move them to the list order by clicking the arrow on the right side.To change the order of an element by using the selection arrows up / down. To remove an element from select Reports and click on the arrow to the left. Save your changes. The changes will take effect immediately on your next statement.Move to the Sort Order tab to change the order of the order and adjust it to your needs:
In addition you can also set the format of the report, adding logo / Text, set the location of the fields and others, who will try to be discussed later.
Jasper Reports
If the facility is in a custom report that Adempiere is still not enough, you can use custom reports using Jasper Reports. By using Jasper Reports reports you can create more complex designs, such as for accounting and taxation Indonesia. To help design the report would normally use another utility assistance, for example iReports.
Hopefully next time I’ll try to write about creating reports using Jasper Reports and iReport.
Agung Budi Santosa
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Overview of Accounting in Adempiere


Overview of Accounting in Adempiere
Performance Analysis

In any business , ultimately will only want to know the same thing , namely ” How much money we have generated ” . This amount can vary based on the accounting rules you use. Adempiere ERP allows you to define the Accounting Schema ( accounting scheme ) in multiple ( several at once ) and ” GAAPs ” for a client .

An Accounting Schema is a combination of a national accounting standards ( eg U.S. GAAP ) , a Costing Method ( eg accrual or standard ) and currency (currency ) . Compiere allows you to define several schema Accounting bookkeeping so that you can maintain for the financial statements and data for management decision making in parallel . It also negates the troublesome work of conversion , transformation and consolidation of foreign branch and considering the easy separation of management and legal reporting ( legal reporting) .


Each Accounting Schema also defines the elements that make up the combination account for use on GL transactions . Organization and Account are required . Optionally you can also define the Business Partner , Product , Caimpaign , Project and others . In addition , Compiere allows you to define two user defined elements to accommodate the unique business profile . For example , if an account Schema defines Product and Business Partners as optional elements will be a combination Account 01-1200-2000 – Joe .



• “01″ is the Organization HQ
• “1200″ is the Accounts Payable (Accounts Payable) Element Account
• “2000″ is a Flower Products
• “Joe” is Joe Brown Inc. Business Partner.

Description displayed for this account combination would be like: HQPAYABLES_FLOWER_JOE_BROWN Inc.. You do not have to worry about what elements to be included along with each of each transaction as Adempiere will generate all accounting transactions for you automatically where Element Values ​​(element values​​) obtained / derived from transactions or from a document.


Agung Budi Santosa

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